Orders are shipped once a week, usually on Mondays.

Live Sourdough Starter Culture


A sealed, ~20mL container of my sourdough starter and instructions on how to revive it after its abuse by the US Postal Service, along with a packet of dried starter as a backup in case it does not survive the trip. (NB the photo is not representative of the quantity you will receive.) I've shipped my starter live successfully many times now, though I can't guarantee it will survive in all cases (hence the backup packet).

If you have problems with yours, PLEASE let me know. I'll refund the price (minus my shipping costs) or try to help you get it going.

Includes Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the US. No international shipments, sorry, it takes too long.

Starters are mailed out the Monday following order placement, so that they arrive without weekend delays.

Also: If you live within walking, biking, or driving distance of Cambridge, MA, I will hand off a container of starter to you for FREE, so just reach out to me instead of ordering one. (To be clear: You have to come to me, not the other way around.)